Selected Narratives
Women in the Slave Narratives
selected narratives
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Selected Narratives


Friends and Families

Fannie Berry

Julia Brown

Savilla Burrell

Polly Colbert

Cooking in the slave community

Tempie Herndon Durham

Lula Jackson

Emmaline Kilpatrick

Rosa Starke



Mary Anngady

Silvia King

Charity Moore

Valley Perry

Mary Etes Peters

Mary Reynolds

Maggie Wesmorland

Rose Williams


Jezebel and Mammy

Aunt Ann

Louisa Everett

Rena Clark

Aunt Betty Cofer

Leah Garrett

Betty Queensberry



Mary Colbert

Minnie Fulkes

Mrs. Holmes (first name unknown)

Mollie Kinsey

Maria Smith And Grammaw


Mother & Child

Ethel Daugherty

Parthena Rollins

Adah Isabelle Sungs

Lulu Wilson



Josephine Anderson

Alice Bradley

Easter Sudie Campbell

Ma Stevens

Amanda Styles


Others [borderline "selected"]

Adaline Montgomery

Ruth Allen

Amy Chapman

Anna Clark

Mandy Mccullough Cosby

Ellen Cragin

Mama Duck

Viney Foster

Lucy Galloway

Candis Goodwin

Callie Gray

Mary Ingram

Estella Jones

Rose Holman

Elizabeth Russell

Katie Sutton

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